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 So before I went to MFF I had a wonderful idea... let me dom for two subby furries i know in Baltimore.  THEN afterward, I'll jump into my car and drive all the way to Schaumburg.  WOOT!

So what did I do Thursday?  A whole lot of rope bondage, I connected to boys to each other by the collar, spanked a tiger, then spanked him some more.  (Salad spoons and the crepe-spatula from IKEA are sweet).  Then more bondage and spanking... diapered a husky... gave the tiggy a good taste of a training collar (you know, the kind that does ZAP!).  Finally finished off the night with some watersports and another spanking.

Damn it was fun.  And the nameless tiger shudders whilst he is beaten... it's so freaking cool to see someone get off from these activities.


The drive out was boring as hell, tiring, and extremely dangerous given the 3AM snowfall.
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Current News: 

Just re-installed Windows Vista on my 3-week-old laptop.  So I'm back up and running.

Upcoming posts...

The MFF Report, including:
The Road to con
My paws are tied (not what you think you perve!)
Dead Cubs
The long ride home

Where I go from here ^-^

In other random news:

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Nov. 11th, 2007 10:10 pm
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If you're going to MFF lemme know! I'll be there Friday-Sun.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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So this weekend I went camping with my old Scout Troop.

This trip was the Role-Play weekend (Think LARPing meets boyscouts with a purpose). I was responsible for number of pyrotechnic devices and schemes, along with a multitude of other stuff.

So I'd spent two weeks planning, preparing and testing a variety of designs for this weekend. A fair amount of "smoke and mirrors" are involved in this stuff as you want to be safe, but give off the impression of cause-and-effect. (ie the kids pull a pin out of a prop, and it looks like it explodes. In reality, the pin does nothing, and adult is standing in the background with a switch that ignites another device behind the one the boys "detonated".

The finale was the best part, I designed, built and ultimately triggered a massive fireball effect, followed by roughly 500 cubic feet of smoke. Seriously, it looked like we were burning a building down, but in fact we had a well-controlled series of effects. It was a great effect, and and afterward, the building was just fine. Sometimes I wish I did this stuff for a living.

Pictures to come!


Farmer Ted

Oct. 21st, 2007 06:18 pm
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I went to the party store for a quick and cheap costume. 15 frustrating minutes later i was gone empty-handed. After i got home i had some inspiration... 2 hours and a trip to two different Walmarts, and this is what you get:

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Calling ALL Furry Artists and Fans!

After a late-night, heavily caffinated evening, I've decided to launch t-shirt website devoted exclusively to the furry fandom.

Artists will post their shirt ideas, everyone can vote.  At the end one lucky winner will have their are turned into a t-shirt!  (And get paid a hundred bucks)

The shirts will then be offered for sale until they're gone.  And the process will start all over again.

Details coming soon.

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Screech, Slam, Crunch....


That's about what ya would've heard today if you were driving with me to a client.

The rear of my car now smashed up - a guy in a moving truck that was heavily loaded couldn't stop in time and crashed into my vehicle.

At least he's insured!  We'll see how good Geico is about paying for this.

In other news... wait no other news yet!  Doah!


P.S. I'm FINE! Fine fine fine.  I didn't get hurt.... just my car did (and it's pissed) ;)

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4 Days ago I was invited to come back to the Drumline and play another season... That's right - invited.  For those who don't know, invitiations are rare for this sort of thing.  It was an honor and great privilege... until today.

So today, I came to rehearse.  Some people were surprised.  Unfortunately, not everyone got the news I'd be back.  

Without so much as the input of the drumline instructor or myself....

it's over

Two of the Drumline leadership, approached the Band Director and that's it. I'm gone.

To add insult to injury,  one has the audacity to try and apologize for being rude to me "because [she] was upset with our instructor".  

That's right... they didn't pull this because the had a particular beef with me.  They're pissed off at our instructor.

It almost pains me to have a Con Badge of me in a Band Uniform.


Jul. 14th, 2007 02:21 am
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Well, I've been busy.  Work is interesting to say the least.

I just got back from the mid-month fur gathering... Was the largest turnout we've had in probably six months.

I just wish we had more cute furs hanging around the bunch.  Curiously more than half the group were babyfur ;) Woohoo!

I'm still very excited from AC... I finally got my con-badge scanned in, and you can see part of it in my user pic.  As always, Marci did a stellar job.


P.S. I know people have been IMing to no avail... I sincerely apologize, but I've been running around with work stuff quite a bit.  Hope to catch up with everyone soon.

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Okay, so my first AC was super-cool...  If you've never been, you should.

I'll post my new badge soon.  It's taken me quite some time to arrive at my still-incomplete fursona, but it's come a long way!

Leon...you cute little harlet... thank you for being you.

Kelby and Mak, thanks for the ride up...  Whitefang, thanks the ride back.

I'll have to get a fursuit for next year...I'll commision soon.

I still haven't unpacked... I finally arrived home monday at 5, did about two hours of work and realized i was having con-withdrawel...so i hooked up with some friends and had a good night hanging out.

I'd post more, but I really need to sleep.

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Whee... so I interviewed for new job today.

I'd like to get back into the retail field and get the heck out of the retail world. Working at the Container Store is nice and the people I work with are pretty good, but in the end... it's still just retail.

Anyhoo, the interview was a little wierd. I didn't get that "warm fuzzy feeling" I like to come away with from these sorts of interactions, and the interviewer seemed a little unprepared for the whole thing.

Anyway, I should be hearing the news around the end of next week.
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Whee! I'm 23 today. Going to meet up with some friends and celebrate!