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Hey gang coming back to the area again this Fri-Mon, January 23rd-26th.  (incidently the weekend of my Birthday :) )

Hit me up if your interested in making plans.
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Hey gang...

Will be in Baltimore Sat morning 'til Monday afternoon.  Hope to catch-up with y'alls.... hit me up on the phone...

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Much fun as a little medical play can be, I'm afraid the photo fox_cub posted of me(http://fox-cub.livejournal.com/77694.html) was as an actual patient.

So, no volunteers for enema instruction or any other fantasies you might have had.

An explanation of the photo is posted here.

Wish me well...  can't wait to see the bill.


PS... special thanks to Rona who only thought of cute cubby things!

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I applied for a job as a traveling network tech.  The job pays better than most in this region and includes decent benefits as well.

I was quite surprised to read this today:

"I sent your resume to my boss and he said you are over qualified.  We are
looking for 0-2 years experience and want someone to stay for the long hall.
This would not be challenging enough for you.  Unfortunately, we have no
other openings right now."

Meanwhile, other companies want cert-mill or degreed applicants with 3-5 years experience.  They also seem to think 30k is acceptable salary...  So how is it that this company wants to pay $45k for a newb!?!?!?!?!?
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The House
For those who don't know, I help FoxCub work on his house... it's finally coming along and feels like were making progress.  If the weather will
hold out a few more weeks Id be the thrilled.

I'm going... time off request is in(and basically approved).  Hope to see all my furriends there and make many more.  If you need a ride out I may have space.  Be sure to check out the CubHub while you're there!

A while  ago I took a job that was meant only to be temporary and keep me from depleting my savings.  Needless to say I don't care to work retail for the Holiday season... That said I'm looking for something in IT.  Prior experience in database-driven web development PHP, MySQL, some Oracle) as well as small network admin IT managment for small business.  If you happen to know of anything out there hit me up!  If you want a little more insight it what I did or can do please ask... it's too lengthy to post.

For the theater folks...
I sold a customer a Festool sander and vacuum... (think  $800 for an orbital sander and vac)... he came back today and is sexed about the whole line and rightfully so (it's hot hot shit... even I dropped a ton of money on the suff).  But we get to talking and it turns out he does a lot of theater and event work and frequently runs large freelance crews... needless to say he promised me a phone call next time he needs any woodworking and carpenty help.  So I'm looking forward to the possibility of getting  paid to work with tools instead of look at them.

Okay... it's late ... I meant to write more... I'll post back tomorrow ;)

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Hey guys... here in MD picking a few things.  Will be here tomorrow and possibly most of tues.

Hit my LJ if you want to hang out.

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Hey gang!

I'm in MD for the weekend up until I get bored. (prolly monday/tuesday)

If any of you are interested in getting together, hit me up.

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I passed my the Technician Exam for my HAM license.

I'm excitedly waiting to see my entry in the FCC database O:-)

Of course... as soon as it does, my application for a vanity call sign will be submitted...


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Well the Red Wolf is sick, but not like I have a cold.

I went to my kink-friendly Doc, got a shitload of bloodwork done. The results: Elevated levels of Epstien Barr virus and Lyme disease.

I go to see me Doc tomorrow morning for a physical and to find out what we're going to do for treatment.

Eye Candy

Jan. 2nd, 2008 09:49 pm
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Click to see bigger ones... full size will be on my RUP account in 48 hours.

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So I made a footed sleeper, pictures coming. I quite pleased with how it turned out. I'm making two more for friends. Both have surprise enhancements (details to come).

I also went up to LilPups place for a Christmas party... t'was nice! The headed back fox_cubs for some fun... his place is scary. I was introduced to a Pittsburgh shower and the towns history of coal... evil evil coal.

I think the whole city will burn down one day. It's a wonder it hasn't already - the walls of all the old houses are full of coal-dust.

Also there should be lots a photos coming... many from Fox.

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that falls from the sky.

Headline says it all.

If you'd like to join me today, hit me up on the phone or msg me.

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Dude rocks a pedal-steel guitar (and he doesn't play that country garbage either!)

Any one up for going to Red Rocks with me in '08 ;)
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So today I ordered fur samples... yep fur samples... Teddy is going to make a fursuit!

Of course, once you decide to do such a thing you'll find yourself racking your brain with questions.

I also have a foam replica of my head curing right now... that should be interest (Seems I gots a big head).

In other news... a colleague of mine wants to exchange interviews with me on Friday. This is turning into a huge deal because it means I have to pull a course out of my ass in 72 hours.

That's 35-40 pages per day or 4-5 pages per hour on an eight hour day. When I'm rock solid on, I can write at that pace. But that usually involves planning, research, preparations... AND I've never marathoned before. At most 2-3 hours on a paper. I'm kind of excited.

So to all those college students wetting their diapees about finals: wanna trade?


Nov. 29th, 2007 02:46 pm
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So I having all these crazy illnesses, and at the suggestion of too many friends to count I went and got tested for HIV today.

Result: negative (as expected)

I see a lot of folks posting this sex "meme" around. One of the questions being would you do the poster without a condom (cute... real cute. I hope everyone answers no.)

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Rapid Strep Test: Negative

We're waiting on a lab test that'll be back tomorrow.

Though it sounds messed up, I'm hoping it comes back positive, I get handed some antibiotic and go on my merry way. Otherwise I will have spent $100 (yeah, I'm a cash patient...no insurance) for nothing. AND I'll still be wondering what ails me.

Wish me luck.
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Wish me luck with this... Doctors usually fail me. (I blame it on managed care)

Anyway. I was sick before con, i was sick at con (though seemed to be getting better), and still sick today.

I've got a very enlarged tonsil, white stuff on said tonsil, sore throat, pain in my ear, oh yea and lest we forget pain in my lymph.

Hopefully it's just an infection.
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I woke up in a haze this morning... to the feeling of a trickle and a wet spot.

No it wasn't a friend playing a trick either... I was fucking peeing!

That's right OMFG... I was wetting my bed.  I've not done that since i was something like 4 years old, but here I was woken to the feeling of pee flowing out of me onto my bed.

I only wish I hadn't woken up, and finished in my sleep.  Either way though, it was fucking cool.

Good thing I keep a plastic sheet on my bed.